• Anderson High School

    Austin, TX

    "Are you The One?"

    Anderson High School Band presents an old familiar story told from a different point of view!

    Directors: Cheryl Lee, Frank Nedley, Jeffrey Cleveland

    Hashtags: #AreYouTheOne

  • Austin High School

    Austin, Texas

    "Get Lost!"

    Join us as we embark on an adventure through our favorite national parks and spend our first night camping under the stars!

    Directors: Richard Patenaude, Andrew Fuhrman, Julie Vest

    Hashtags: #austinhigh #atxmb #loyalforever #maroonband #getlost

  • Cedar Park High School

    Cedar Park, Texas

    "Belle Mécanique"

    Our 2023 Timberwolf Marching Band production, “Belle Mécanique”, explores the duality of the “beautiful” (belle) and the “mechanical” (mécanique). The “belle” aesthetic is presented via a floral theme with the “mécanique” aesthetic being largely represented by gears.

    Both beauty and mechanical precision can exist in isolation but become truly powerful and engaging when combined. We hope you enjoy our presentation of “Belle Mécanique”!

    Directors: Kendall Santos, Christopher Yee, Jeremiah Armstrong, Roland Chavez, Jordan Openshaw

    Hashtags: #MoveAndInspire #ForeverCedarParkHigh

  • Cedar Ridge High School (In Exhibition)

    Round Rock, Texas

    "Medusa's Secret World"

    “Medusa’s Secret World” explores the world of a life that was forever changed from beauty to disgrace, finally seeking the ultimate revenge.

    Directors: Arminda Velasquez, Rick Rodriguez, Greg Horner, Heather Stone, Bryant Sharpley

    Hashtags: #raiderband #medusassecretworld #cedarridgeguard

  • Dripping Springs High School

    Dripping Springs, Texas

    "Fugue State"

    Fugue State is a study of musical and visual counterpoint….reality versus illusion, unity versus individuality, black and white versus color. The soundtrack heightens the contrast between the classical and modern pop genres, featuring music of Brad Meldhau, JS Bach, Bela Bartok, Kate Bush and Son Lux.

    Directors: Derek Woods, Brian Mayer, Daniel Cuevas, Matthew Ehlers, Derek Vereen

    Hashtags: #dshstigerband #fuguestate

  • Georgetown High School

    Georgetown, Texas

    "Mind the Gap"

    Mind the Gap takes the audience on a tour of London aboard the world famous “Tube”!
    Mind the Gap features trumpet soloist Jay McEntire, horn soloist Cristina Crozier, and narrator Millie Randall. Please sit back, relax, and… “Mind the Gap” as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the Georgetown Eagle Marching Band and Colorguard!

    Directors: Justin Smith, Leslie Kupetz, Jed Leach, Rick Scruggs

    Hashtags: #MindtheGap

  • Glenn High School

    Leander, Texas

    "Picking Up the Pieces"

    The Glenn Grizzly Band’s 2023 production is titled “Picking Up the Pieces”. The performance begins with a passionate display of love, featuring intricate formations and harmonious melodies that symbolize the euphoria of new relationships. As the story progresses, the mood shifts, and the performers skillfully convey the anguish of heartbreak with a striking portrayal of shattered formations. Ultimately the show resolves on a hopeful note as the performers mend the broken pieces, ending with a triumphant and heartwarming finale that displays the power of enduring love.

    Directors: Jeremiah Figlewicz, Samantha Muckleroy, Jacob Gall, Ryan Thornton

    Hashtags: #glenngrizzlyband #pickingupthepieces

  • Lake Travis High School

    Austin, Texas


    Lake Travis’ 2023 production “AnonymoUS” is about going from being a nameless and faceless member of a group to developing a sense of independence and personal identity, even if and especially when that makes you stand out against the group.

    Directors: Richard Hicks, Taylor Trevino, Ben Zein, Brittany Baptista, Jordan Reddicks, Michael Fairbrother, Chris Maldonado

    Hashtags: #cavband

  • Leander High School

    Leander, Texas


    The Leander High School Band is proud to present our 2023 marching band show titled, RIPPLE. Through the use of an incredible soundtrack featuring music from a variety of genres, the continued visual effect of “ripples” in all iterations (drill and choreography), and an aesthetics package utilizing water imagery and iconography, the Leander HS band will draw parallels between a water droplet creating lasting ripples and the value of an individual’s impact on others. One decision, one small gesture, one moment of compassion, one moment of truly listening to another human can and will have a lasting impact. We hope you enjoy… RIPPLE!!!

    Directors: Ryan Sirna, Mike Swiren, Amanda Petro, Dan Reberger, Allison Petro

    Hashtags: #leanderband #big3LB

  • Louis D. Brandeis High School

    San Antonio, Texas

    "The Wild Frontier"

    The expansion westward created a sense of community amongst the pioneers that led the way. They developed the American Folk tunes that often allowed for community comradery and provided a source of entertainment. The existence of the American Folk music is internationally influenced and is as diverse as the American Ideal.

    Directors: Patrick Aguirre, Joshua Conner, Steven Gres, David Suarez

    Hashtags: #thewildfrontier

  • McNeil High School

    Austin, Texas

    "Six Degrees"

    McNeil’s 2023 production is entitled Six° and is based around the idea, that all people are six or few social connections away from each other. There are six note groupings often performed together, six identical shapes at once, impacts are structured in six, visually there are six degree points on the field, and the music is written in six. The emotional and visual themes of this production, from start to finish, are about making these connections in real life and eventually being ‘found’ by our closest friends and family when we need them most.

    Directors: Jason Dimiceli, Brittany Graham, Jordan Garza, Christopher McCarthy

    Hashtags: #mavband2023 #mavguard2023 #visionintoreality #sixdegrees

  • Moe & Gene Johnson High School

    Buda, Texas

    "Long Live the Kings"

    The Moe & Gene Johnson Jaguar Band’s 2023 production, Long Live the King(s), pays homage to the timeless contributions of musical royalty. From the grand marches of John Phillip Sousa to the infectious beats of Michael Jackson and the electrifying energy of Elvis Presley. The show is set to captivate audiences of all ages.

    Directors: Joey Lucita, Christopher Lunsford, James Malik, Christopher Martinez, Zachariah Jacobes

    Hashtags: #longlivethekings #jaguarband #moeknows #moeandgenemachine

  • Round Rock High School

    Round Rock, Texas


    We can all think of things that bring us joy, that make us smile and that refresh our spirits. For this we often look to the light around us and in others. The world becomes a little better every time we do. Ultimately, we realize that in every situation, we ourselves can be the light, we can be, luminous.

    Directors: David Mobley, Steve Roeder, Cathy Benford, Isabelle Bouhadana, Whitney Stone

    Hashtags: #gorockband #luminous

  • Rouse High School

    Leander, Texas


    The production will immediately open on a scene of broken and forgotten cathedral windows scattered across the field. The musical repertoire and visual aesthetic will be a metaphorical “requiem” to this lost and forgotten cathedral that abstractly comes to life through the line of the production.

    Directors: Ryan Johnstone, Caitlin Wolf, Anna Bush, James Sparling, Anthony Mondragon

    Hashtags: #rouseband #rousestrong #excellencefromwithin

  • Vandegrift High School

    Austin, Texas


    Our show, “SPOTLIGHT” will “illuminate” the individual performer and place them at the focus of the production. The performers travel through an emotional journey of discovering the spotlight, fighting for the spotlight, embracing the spotlight, and we end with everyone in the Spotlight, revealing our love for the art form we create together, and our awareness of the power and importance of each performer’s journey and story.

    Directors: Katie VanDoren, Joe Hobbs, Katie Hopkins, Kyle Norris, Tristan Murray

    Hashtags: #definingthestandard #viperstrike #spotlight23

  • Westlake High School

    Austin, Texas

    "All the Lonely People"

    Join the Chap Band as they reflect on the emotions around loneliness and community. What is loneliness? Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? How do we create connections? We as humans have an intense desire to rely on the strengths of relationships to survive and thrive.

    Directors: Kerry Taylor, Taylor LaPrairie, John Pearson, Ben Armeni, Kaysey Thompson

    Hashtags: #allthelonelypeople #chapband #westlake #eanesisd