• Cedar Park High School

    Cedar Park, Texas

    "Mirror Mirror"

    The Cedar Park Timberwolf Band is proud to present our 2022 production, “MIRROR RORRIM”. Through a variety of musical styles and genres, we transport our audience to a modern and immersive landscape exploring both musical and visual reflection. The field layout uses mirrored props of all shapes and sizes as well as a beautifully designed art piece that serves as an anchor for events throughout the production. Our beautiful costuming is indicative of mirrored, reflective glass and audiences everywhere can look forward to our music, drill, and choreography to take on a “mirrored” identity.

    Directors: Christopher Yee, Kendall Santos, Jeremiah Armstrong, Roland Chavez, Casey Kunze

    Hashtags: #GetYourTWolvesUP #ForeverCedarParkHigh #TimberwolfBand #MirrorMirror

  • Cedar Ridge High School (In exhibition)

    Round Rock, Texas

    "In The Midnight Hour"

    Featuring the music of Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony and Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, “In the Midnight Hour” will send your imagination reeling. Light turns to dark. Today becomes Yesterday. A mysterious creature walks the earth. Strong as stone, they are the defenders of good from the evils that lie waiting. And in the midnight hour, as the gargoyles begin their watch, a yell is heard in the distance…

    Directors: Daniel Musacchio, Rick Rodriguez, Greg Horner, Arminda Velasquez, Heather Stone

    Hashtags: #cedarridgeband

  • Dripping Springs High School

    Dripping Springs, Texas

    "The Mandala Project"

    Mandalas are created, then destroyed, symbolizing the impermanence of life. In the marching band activity, we work for hours, days, weeks and months creating and performing our show for the entire season, until it just stops. We never perform it again, but we treasure the memory of the beauty we created.

    Directors: Derek Woods, Brian Mayer, Daniel Cuevas, Matt Ehlers, Sarah Johnson


  • Hendrickson High School

    Pflugerville, Texas


    TRAINlapse is an idea that blends the familiar visual imagery of trains and combines it with the idea of time – bringing us an unmistakable sense of time and place.

    The musical repertoire translates into a field aesthetic that is both modern and sets the scenes of the great hustle and bustle of city life. We tell our story through time and space, pulling on a high contrast time travel through the lens of the train riders.

    Directors: James Hairston, Isaac Medina, August Merback, Nathan Zamora, Tyler Hecks

    Hashtags: #hawkyeah #trainlapse #roadtograndnats

  • Hutto High School

    Hutto, Texas


    Based on the poem Invictus by the British poet William Ernst Henley, the show represents strength and perseverance featuring our instrumentalists on the familiar songs “In The End” by Linkin Park, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk, and the familiar hymn “It is Well.”

    Directors: Stacy Gist, Michael Harrison, Ryan Manders, Tyler Dempsey, Ashley Wood


  • James Madison High School

    San Antonio, Texas


    “Illumination” depicts the journey that we go through as sunlight fades to twilight and a Moon Lit dark sky. Darkness shrouds the landscape before sun rays once again lighten the horizon and the Sun returns to Illuminate and complete the journey!

    Directors: Wesley Perkins, Michael Reynolds, Jaime Ramos, Clarissa Herrera- Colorguard Director


  • John B. Alexander High School

    Laredo, Texas

    "Tipping the Scales"

    John B. Alexander High School Outdoor Performance Ensemble continues to inspire its audiences with its latest field production entitled “Tipping the Scales”. Our audiences are guided on an aural and visual journey that displays a life of equality, balance, and abundance to a life that is unequal and destitute. In this story we explore many emotions and ponder many questions with the hope that our audience leaves with a sense of not only inspiration, but walk away with the question of how they can make our world a better place?

    Directors: Joshua A. Martinez, Steven Gres, Victor Carrillo, Christopher Guerrero

    Hashtags: #tippingthescales #pawsup #bluegold #youcantstopwhatwontstop

  • Leander High School

    Leander, Texas

    "The Other Side of Light"

    The law of duality explains that two opposite results are born of the same thing. Nature demonstrates that for every spring there is a fall. In all of life, there must be death. And in a world of light, we will also find darkness. Our program melds this duality into a singular experience by illuminating, and in some cases, personifying the shadows that we cast. Through the use of sonic design, staging, props, costume, color, and sundial gnomons of epic scale, this production illustrates a scenario where shadows experience their own consciousness and “cross-dimensional” interactions with the real world. The 2022 Leander HS Marching Band is pleased to present: The Other Side of Light.

    Directors: Ryan Sirna, Mike Swiren, Amanda Petro, Dan Reberger, Allison Petro


  • Louis D. Brandeis High School

    San Antonio, Texas

    "Reel Of Suspense"

    Arranger Ryan George revives the suspenseful music of Bernard Herrmann. Reel of Suspense encompasses music from classic movies such as: Vertigo, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Day The Earth Stood Still, On Dangerous Ground, and more…

    Directors: Patrick Aguirre, Jesse Cuellar, David Suarez, Shane Lemanski


  • McNeil High School

    Austin, Texas

    "With My Own Two Eyes"

    This show is based creating different perspectives with the same themes – music viewed through multiple lenses on the field. The production takes recognizable themes and weaves them in and out of new genres and textures creating a different perspective on the music we can all see “With Our Own Two Eyes.”

    Directors: Jason Dimiceli, Brittany Graham, Jordan Garza, Christopher McCarthy

    Hashtags: #mavband2022 #mavguard2022 #visionintoreality #withmyowntwoeyes #gomavs

  • Midway High School

    Waco, Texas


    A musical representation of riveting melodies to get your heart racing.

    Directors: Pam Hyatt, Kenneth Moss, Sarah Moss, Caitlin Kline, Chris Williamson


  • Ronald Reagan High School

    San Antonio, Texas

    "In Plain Sight"

    In Plain Sight, the Ronald Reagan Marching Band 2022 production, explores the seen and unseen. From visual effects hiding performers on the field “in plain sight” to exploring the idea that we control our reality through the way in which we view the world. Often we miss important moments or details that are right in front of us, until we shift the way we see things.

    Directors: Greg White, Katie Fehr, Tyler Estrada-Simon, Ray Ulibarri, Tykeem Rainey, Alexis Miller


  • Round Rock High School

    Round Rock, Texas

    "The Living Earth"

    When we feel connected to the earth, it can become like something alive. Staring at the colors of a spectacular sunset, being awestruck by the view from a mountaintop, standing alone in the middle of a dense forest, listening, or sensing the violent power of massive waves slamming into a rocky coast, gazing in wonder across an impossibly vast desert – we find inspiration, peace, humility, awe and joy all around us. These experiences deeply move us, they connect us to one another and, to the Living Earth.

    Directors: David Mobley, Steve Roeder, Cathy Benford, Isabelle Bouhadana, Whitney Stone


  • Rouse High School

    Leander, Texas


    Luminosity is defined as the absolute measure of radiated light or power emitted from an astronomical object over time. The brightest, most apparent luminous object in the sky is an evident sun…for the Rouse Band, the opposite antonym is the moon. The Rouse Band will put their neoclassic twist on their musical selections: Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy, Mercury from the Planets by Gustav Holst, The Night Window by Thomas Newman, and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

    Directors: Ryan Johnstone, Caitlin Wolf, Matt Wood, James Sparling, Anthony Mondragon

    Hashtags: #rouseband #rousestrong #luminosity #moonshow

  • Sandra Day O’Connor High School

    Helotes, Texas


    HYPNOTIZE draws its inspiration from the artist Peter Kogler, as it explores the mind bending exploration of the hypnotic state.

    Directors: Alfonso Alvarado, Gabriel Valdez, Michael Bradford, Jose Marin, Amanda King


  • Stony Point High School

    Round Rock, Texas


    Three moods, three palettes – simplicity is key. The Stony Point Tiger Band and Sapphire Guard will take you on a journey through the colors we see and the emotions they can create.

    Directors: Joshua Muñoz, Christopher Sanchez, Matt Greene, Louie Flores

    Hashtags: #tigerband #stptigerband #stonypoint #stonypointhsband #primary

  • Tom C. Clark High School

    San Antonio, Texas


    RetroWave has a synthwave aesthetic that draws heavily on visual elements from the 1980’s. The choice of music begs to question the possibility our virtually connected world has created a lonely and isolated society.

    Directors: Justin Murphy, Jason Smith

    Hashtags: #retrowave

  • Vandegrift High School

    Austin, Texas

    "Into the Grid"

    The Vandegrift HS Band and Vision Dance Company are proud to present our 2022 production, INTO THE GRID.

    The “Grid” is an expansive digital universe that is seemingly endless and beyond our perceptions. We will explore not only what it looks like but also the sounds of this state-of-the art landscape. Our protagonists will travel into, through, and finally out of The Grid on this journey of sound and motion.

    “I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see,

    And then, one day, I got in!”

    We hope you enjoy – INTO THE GRID!

    Directors: Katie VanDoren, Joe Hobbs, Katie Hopkins, Anna Bush, Kyle Norris


  • Vista Ridge High School

    Cedar Park, Texas


    Based on the compositional device of “Divisi,” this show will explore the emotional and intellectual journey of how one idea, one moment, one emotion, can be divided into many possibilities. While these parts, on their own, may appear dissimilar, they are all equally important in creating the whole.

    Directors: Bryan Christian, Zach Santos, Hector Gil, Kate Thane, Erin Kosman

    Hashtags: #divisi #RangerBand #VRHSBand

  • Weiss High School

    Pflugerville, Texas


    Shockwave is a show about Static sound and color and how quickly communication can spread.

    Directors: Ian Young, John Wesley, Emely Chacon, Hunter Langhans, Landy Roberson

    Hashtags: #WeissBand #Shockwave

  • Winston Churchill High School

    San Antonio, Texas

    "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

    Join the Charger Band as they take you on a stroll through the neighborhood; Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, to be exact. This is a modern twist on a children’s classic television program. Not only will you will hear familiar music from the show mixed with joyous modern melodies, but you will see iconic colors and images from the neighborhood. Let’s take you back to our early years and we will be glad you stopped by, neighbor!

    Directors: Amanda Stevenson, Amy Plazek, Rick Astorga, Ray Ramirez

    Hashtags: #neisdfinearts #wontyoubemyneighbor #churchillchargerband